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Re: Worms and Maggots

Sent by: Michael Cagas (Philippines) on July 04, 2009 hour 07:47:13:

In reply to: Worms and Maggots sent by Mark on November 28, 2007 hour 15:11:20:


your bins where worms are located should adapt in the first place, the microbial activity is necessary so that the growth of fly maggot is minimized..., it is true that the maggots by-product are good substrate for your worms..., in the process of vermicomposting, there is an Anearobic Process where the matter temperature reaches 60-70 degree that can kill all maggots and after the process, when the substrate cool down and mushrooms sprung all over, that's the time you can use it as your feedstock for the worms....,


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