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Re: new beginner

Sent by: John Massey (El Salvador) on April 02, 2009 hour 11:32:21:

In reply to: new beginner sent by Joyce Jones on August 21, 2008 hour 21:34:18:



I am also a beginner. I have been providing organic material, including manure. The population seems to be growing, although not at the rate I expected.

My basic question is "What is the appearance of the fertilizer, when it is ready for 'harvest'?" A gardener who has seen these operations elsewhere says that it should look granular, light, relatively dry. The material in my box is pretty solid, "dry" mud.

It has occurred to me that perhaps I am watering it too much. Can anyone comment on the issues I have raised?

Thanks very much,

John (in El Salvador)


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