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Re: red worms

Sent by: Mark (Us) on November 28, 2007 hour 15:18:13:

In reply to: red worms sent by Francesco Manca on April 16, 2007 hour 17:26:28:


I haven't actually gone out and tried it, but...

Everything that I've been researching and reading says the Red Worms will not survive in a garden. They're only native, don't quote me, to like two places in the world or something like that. Red Worms only do well in a container type environment. I've been reading A LOT online and thats the general consensus. Most places that sell worms have a different type of worm (earthworms) for improving your soil. Some farmers even put red worm cocoons in the soil, they hatch when they come in contact with poo, lay eggs then die. My point there is that they die. Night crawlers may do well though, and of course earth worms.


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