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Worms and Maggots

Sent by: Mark (Us) on November 28, 2007 hour 15:11:20:


I've been vermicomposting for a little bit now, just a backyard project. I don't have the land or funds at the moment and I have a full time job (US Air Force) that keeps me pretty busy. But I have been thinking of bigger scale ideas, but without the chance to try them. My current one is a mass solid waste saving idea, a bit beyond the scope of just organic waste. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on this...

We all know how beneficial worms are, but they're limited to mostly organic waste, staying away from the meat and milk product and biproducts. But maggots (house and soldier flies) on the other hand clean this up quite nice. I've been researching online, mostly troubleshooting worm bins that got maggots, and the general census says that the the maggots biproduct is really good for the worms to eat. Its already broken down and can further benefit from the worm process. What if you get your food sources in, the ones that are mixed, from say a cafeteria or even a fast food restaurant. Take the entire thing and feed it to maggots. Harvest the maggot poo, mix it with pure sources like manure, grass/leaf cuttings, shredded paper etc and then feed it to the worms.

The first draw back would be the adult stage of the maggots, the pesty fly. But what if it was created like most fly traps, they get in, but can't get out. Maybe a tall bin with an electric top. When the maggots turn to the flying pest, zap. So you have beneficial maggots, no pesty flies.

Any insight on this would be great. Draw backs you can think of, anybody who's actually tested this with negative or positive results. Thanks much!

I know I'm new here with only one post. But has the webmaster thought about using something a little more user friendly, and prettier on the eyes. Not to poke, but there's a bunch of free forums out there that would organize this a lot better. Thanks!


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