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Re: double bin design

Sent by: Martin Nigoul (Argentina) on December 01, 2006 hour 23:44:04:

In reply to: double bin design sent by Charles Olson on November 22, 2006 hour 00:23:57:


Charles: I don't think is necesary the division barrier if you plan to put the scraps to one compartment at a time. I should tell you that I've only worked with E. fetida. But I think the same aplies.
The idea work like this: If you separate both sides by a mesh, in the case of E. fetida, when the food in one side ends up, they simply are goin to go to the side where the food is. Then you can collect the compost and start the cycle again.
I dont know about those worms, so I can not tell the benefits of the inmature worms in the soil, but in our country the addition of vermicompost alone makes the earthworms to prosper (sorry, my english is not good enough).
I think your plan is great! I've been using my vermicompost in my garden and my job and the results are great.


PS. If you read this please register in the spanish forum (and let me know any doubdt) so I can respond faster. (I can read english, german, francaise, portugese and of course spanish but only write in this (I dont pretend this is english) and spanish...and maybe portuniol so post there in any of those)



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