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double bin design

Sent by: Charles Olson (Philippines) on November 22, 2006 hour 00:23:57:


I'm just starting in raising worms, and want to design a 2 compartment box. The box is 28" wide X 22" high and 6 feet long.

My intention is to add kitchen scraps to one comartment at a time. Into only one side I'll add worms ( Austrailian Nightcrawlers) When worms on this side are mature I want to allow them, the large mature worms, to migrate to the other compartment.

Following their transfer I'd collect all the soil/vermicomposte in orignal side along with immature worms from that side and use it on plants in the garden.

Is this plan realistic? How must the division or barrier be made to allow periods of passage and restriction?

I appreciate anyone you can give advice on these questions Thanks,

Charles Olson
Mindanao, Philippines



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