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Re: Worms Evacuating Bedding Boxes

Sent by: Martin Nigoul (Argentina) on December 07, 2005 hour 16:33:57:

In reply to: Worms Evacuating Bedding Boxes sent by Sally Adams on August 04, 2003 hour 22:26:06:


Sally: Sorry for the delay ;-). This is only a test as I've never posted in this forum before, so let's try. As long as I can tell this is a normal and natural behavoir. This could be because the population in your boxes simply exceded what your OM (organic matter) have the capacity to feed. You can check this either by counting the worms of a sample of the material or by checking whether the big ones have clitelum or not. Usualy when the big ones don't feed enough they loose the clitelum (along with reproductive capacity) so this is an indication of overcrowding. Maybe is time to split to another box or if you have no more OM than the one that you ar supplying now, simply asume it as normal. Some worms leave and other will borne to replace them. Is just natural.

Chears, Martin.



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