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Infected worm bin

Sent by: Jennifer O'connor (Usa) on July 21, 2003 hour 19:27:24:


I started a small vermicomposting bin a year ago utilizing the red worms that are native to Florida. It has performed really well until a week ago when I discovered some new residents in my bin. They look almost like mealworms except they are more gray in color. Not only am I concerned that they are stealing valuable nutrients from my worms, but they completely gross me out! I have always kept the lid on my container but apparently something snuck in and laid its eggs. When I open my bin, I don't see flying insects or beetles so I don't know if these worms are a type of larvae or if they are a true worm. Does anyone know how I can rid my bin of these nasty intruders without having to start over? Suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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